Staying Positive and Feeling Good

AftersightSo, if the goal is maintaining positive thoughts and feelings, just how does one go about doing that? I’ve employed several techniques that are proving quite effective.

One of them stands out above the rest.


Positive Affirmations

Let’s face it, affirmations can be a pain in the ass. I’m not talking about writing them. That’s the easy part: Keep them positive, first-person, present-tense. No, it’s the reciting of them daily that takes time and energy and seldom have I had any luck using them for a consistent, sustained period of time.

Until now.

Previously, I’ve tried techniques like reciting them over and over, but then I have to keep them physically written down nearby. I’ve tried memorizing them, but that cuts down on the number of affirmations I can remember. Then there’s finding private time to recite them. Alone time is preferable, lest you sound like a crazy person muttering to yourself.

I’ve also experimented with writing down affirmations over and over again, a la Bart Simpson on the chalkboard, but this, too, is time-consuming and limits the number of affirmations I can use, not to mention hand cramps.

The most effective way I’ve found to employ affirmations is to make an audio recording of them, which is pretty simple these days with all the computer, tablet and phone gadgets that allow for recording. This means I can listen to a good couple of dozen affirmations several times a day, very quickly, without needing anything more than my smart phone or computer nearby.

I’ve mixed my affirmations with dramatic music, which I find heightens the effect and allows me to feel the intent behind the affirmations more than if I was just hearing my voice. I have two separate sound tracks that I use, with the affirmations recited in a different order, to keep things fresh.

For the morning affirmations I use tracks from the movie Tron Legacy, which if you’ve ever heard it has this driving, insistent techno-beat that suggests we really are all in The Matrix and that, yes, focusing your thoughts positively can actually affect The Matrix.

My evening tracks are from the movie Somewhere In Time, from the scenes in which protagonist Richard Collier is trying to hypnotize himself back in time to the year 1912. If you know that scene, you’ll realize that what he’s done is record and playback affirmations for himself.

My affirmations take twelve to fourteen minutes to play. I listen to them while walking to and from my bus to the office, which allows me to repeat internally what I’m hearing and really feel the power of what I’m saying.

How have they worked so far? I credit them for remembering to keep mindful of my thoughts, to realize throughout the day how vitally important staying positive and feeling good is. They are a mental cue that I really can let go of negativity and redirect my awareness toward something positive. They remind me to trust, to focus on the right frequency and let The Universe take care of the rest.

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Brian Mercer is the author of the supernatural YA novel, Aftersight (Astraea Press, 2013). He is also co-author with Robert Bruce of Mastering Astral Projection: 90-Day Guide to Out-of-body (Llewellyn, 2004) and The Mastering Astral Projection CD Companion (Llewellyn, 2007). A board member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and senior editor at Author Magazine, he lives in Seattle with his wife, Sara, and their three cats.



Twitter: @BriMercer


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