Ten Months In WonderlandI have three children and they are all different. And I had hardly anything to do with it, I might add. At one time I spend time and money on trying to figure out the best way to raise my children properly. But after all these years I’m not sure that’s even possible. We do our best. Hopefully, it shows and they end up doing their best.


I have learned so much more about myself while raising my children that I could fill pages and pages with the information and still not get it all down. Part of my learning had to do with what I felt I had to teach. If this sounds like it goes in circles, it does.


The first thing I realized long ago was that my kids lived their own lives without excuses, which was a constant reminder for me, that it was my job, to live my own life. In fact, if I choose not to live my own life, I would be teaching them that they don’t have to live theirs, and I would never wish to teach that.


Children cry when they are unhappy. This means that I may be doing myself a disservice if I choose not to cry when I’m unhappy. I question myself about it, too. Have I cried lately? They laugh when they feel joy. Once again, feeling joy is something I try to accomplish, but do I take the time to laugh? I’m going to try harder at that.


Here’s a lesson that has been difficult for me over the years for whatever reason: Children, if left alone, will find something fun to do and when it’s not fun anymore they’ll do something different. I ask myself often if I have that same commitment to my life, to quit doing something when it isn’t fun anymore. Often, I have way too many excuses to keep chugging along.


Children imitate life in its most basic way. And life is as diverse and as complex as children can be sometimes. I’ve watched my children grow to be adults, each one different than the other, each very much themselves, and I have to look in the mirror every day and rejoice for having been around them long enough to watch how they did it. I’ve learned so much about how to live my life by watching my children, by listening to them as they figure out their own lives, that I wish to thank them.


This is what we all must do. We must be children our whole lives. Don’t let the world steal that innocent outlook. Try anything, whether someone said to or not, whether others think you can or not. It’s your life and only you can live it. Rejoice in knowing that anything you think of you can create in some way. That work can be fun if you’re doing things you love. And if you’re not enjoying your life, make a change to something you do enjoy.

Ten Months In WonderlandTerry Persun is an award winning author and a #1 Amazon bestseller. He is also a Pushcart nominee. His mainstream novel, “Wolf’s Rite”, was a Star of Washington award winner, a POW! Award winner, and a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalist. His science fiction novel, “Cathedral of Dreams”, was also a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalists. And his historical novel, “Sweet Song”, won a Silver IPPY Award for best regional fiction. His latest novel, “Doublesight”, is book one of his new fantasy series. His latest poetry collection is “And Now This”. Terry writes in many genres, including historical fiction, mainstream, literary, and science fiction/fantasy.





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