Not Just For Writers

Ten Months In WonderlandI’ve been reading the blog posts on this blog now since its beginning. Since I upload everything here, I get to read the material first. One think I’ve noticed about these posts is that even though many of them focus on writing and writers, they have a much broader reach. These posts are not just for writers, they are for artists of any kind, and that includes scientists and accountants that are creative in their respective jobs.

Unfortunately, we humans often separate the arts and the sciences as though they are different. They aren’t. They use different skills (sometimes), but both are creative. Without numbers we’d never have evolved to where we are. Without science we’d never understand our world, let alone be able to design and build products to make our lives easier. And without writers and painters and musicians many of us would lose track of our emotions or interest in beauty.

When I talk with a design engineer for my day job, I can’t help but notice that he or she gets just as excited about the project being worked on as I do when I talk about my latest writing project. And they use the same language I do, sometimes explaining how “it just came to me” or “when I finally figure it out.” Everyone I’ve ever met is a creative person in one way or another. And every person I’ve ever met is equally practical. They may choose to spend most of their waking hours one place rather than another, but it’s all there.

So, as you read these posts and share them with your friends, think of those people you don’t always consider as creative types. Include them. They’ll find themselves in these posts just as I’ve found myself in editorials written in technical journals over the years. We are a broader and more expansive race than any of us knows.

Ten Months In WonderlandTerry Persun is an award winning author and a #1 Amazon bestseller. He is also a Pushcart nominee. His mainstream novel, “Wolf’s Rite”, was a Star of Washington award winner, a POW! Award winner, and a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalist. His science fiction novel, “Cathedral of Dreams”, was also a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalists. And his historical novel, “Sweet Song”, won a Silver IPPY Award for best regional fiction. His latest novel, “Doublesight”, is book one of his new fantasy series. His latest poetry collection is “And Now This”. Terry writes in many genres, including historical fiction, mainstream, literary, and science fiction/fantasy.





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