Ten Months In WonderlandI’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but my favorite word is crazy. My boyhood friends called me crazy when I jumped over an embankment to a ledge when I was eight, when I broke into the school because I could when I was ten, and when I built a pipe bomb and blew up the shale embankment at my elementary school. I was also called crazy when I refused to listen to my parents, when I jumped out my bedroom window and ran into the woods, and when I told an abusive boss to go fuck himself, and then walk out of my job with no other prospect for employment.


Crazy is a rather broad term as I think back to how it was applied. Now I consider unusual, out of the ordinary, risky, and sometimes even strange. I have to wonder, in the long run, what’s wrong with any of those words? Nothing if you’re a writer, or musician, or artist. In fact, isn’t it the craziest artist who gives us the most innovative or creative work in the end. We may not notice the work that way at first, but it’s often true years later.


As a writer, I want to write those crazy works, produce something no one else has ever written before. On one level that happens for every writer. After all, no one can produce their work exactly the way that anyone else does. But, I mean something beyond that small distinction. Every poem, every story or novel, I write because I have never read anything like it before. Even my most straightforward works explore greater ideas. A novel can appear to be simple in scope, but have an underlying theme about life in our universe. I’ve written a work for the sole reason of exploring an idea through someone else’s eyes—a character’s viewpoint unlike my own.


Crazy allows me to explore without having to explain myself. My friends can just shake their heads. They’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, but that’s okay. If they see the crazy, even under the surface, I hope it gets them out of their comfort zone. That’s what causes us to grow beyond where we are at the moment. And if a poem or novel I’ve written can do that for just one person, I’m happy.

Ten Months In WonderlandTerry Persun is an award winning author and a #1 Amazon bestseller. He is also a Pushcart nominee. His mainstream novel, “Wolf’s Rite”, was a Star of Washington award winner, a POW! Award winner, and a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalist. His science fiction novel, “Cathedral of Dreams”, was also a ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalists. And his historical novel, “Sweet Song”, won a Silver IPPY Award for best regional fiction. His latest novel, “Doublesight”, is book one of his new fantasy series. His latest poetry collection is “And Now This”. Terry writes in many genres, including historical fiction, mainstream, literary, and science fiction/fantasy.





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