Spiritual Practice: Part 2

The NSA FilesYou probably knew I would get to this eventually, so here goes: Writing is part of my spiritual practice. I say this because it’s my longest running ritual. Every day, I write. For me writing takes place in a meditative state. I’m somewhere else. I’m flowing information, stories, through me. I am the filter only, for often the stories only have a little to do with me, even if events from my own life are used as examples.


It’s this meditative state that, I believe, allows writers of all kinds to speak to the collective unconscious inside each of us. The metaphors and similes are as much dream symbols as they are of the physical world. We speak – and write – around ideas, around facts, around emotions, when we use these dream symbols. Understanding isn’t always available through language alone, so we must explore outside straight, clear language. This is what writing becomes, then, an exploration into ourselves (and others). Because of this, reading also becomes an exploration inside ourselves and others.


As a spiritual practice, my writing adjusts and changes, not only with time, but within the piece itself as I try to flesh out (manifest) the true story (truth of myself) so that others will understand it (relate to it unconsciously).


Whatever we choose to do in this physical world is a spiritual practice. We must believe this in order to enter into the physical world wholly. Our relationships at home and at work are part of our spiritual practice, our activities, our hobbies, everything we do, think, or feel.


Yes, I am saying that regardless whether you read all the spiritual texts or not, you are still practicing who you are as a human, and that is a spiritual practice. A doctor, lawyer, mechanic, electrician, all practices have a spiritual component. Each speaks to who you are. Everything is important.

Ten Months In WonderlandTerry Persun writes in many genres, including historical fiction, mainstream, literary, and science fiction/fantasy. He is a Pushcart nominee. His latest poetry collection is “And Now This”. His novels, “Wolf’s Rite” and “Cathedral of Dreams” were ForeWord magazine Book of the Year finalists in the science fiction category, and his novel “Sweet Song” won a Silver IPPY Award. His latest science fiction space opera is, “Hear No Evil”, his latest fantasy is “Doublesight”, his latest mainstream/literary novel is “Ten Months in Wonderland”.

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